h-patient.jpg"I am honored to write a review for Dr. George T. Williams. He has been our family dentist for 10 years and we cannot say enough about our experience with his office. His office staff creates a welcoming atmosphere the minute you arrive and continue to reach out in helping you in any way they can. Dr. Williams professionalism and attention to detail is amazing. He consistently pursues continuing education in order to acquire recent dentistry research & technology. This past summer I decided to get his advice on a snoring issue that I started two years ago. I went to several physicians in the area that told me to buy over the counter products that did not work. Although I was hesitant, I decided to talk to Dr. Williams about the issue. After a consultation he recommended a custom mouth piece for me to wear at night. It has changed my sleeping habits tremendously. I am snore-free and I am actually receiving eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. Dr. Williams not only fixed the problem I was having but made me feel comfortable when talking with him. Our family is grateful for his outstanding service!"
– S.H.  

"My visit with Dr. Williams and his staff was a welcoming one. They are organized, thorough and family oriented. I highly recommend him as a dentist!"
– P.J.D.

"The team that Dr. George Williams has assembled has no equal in the Greater Stark County area. I am a relatively new patient to the group and can tell you that I feel like I am the ONLY patient in Dr. William's practice--really treated with respect and a focus on individual attention. I used to drive all the way to Hudson, Ohio for dental work, but my wife Donna convinced me that Dr. Williams' practice was above and beyond, so I tried it. At 68 years of age, I am confident that Dr. Williams and his team will do everything in their power to help me maintain good dental health. The staff is so very friendly and each time I am there, they seem to take such an interest in what I am doing, how my family is, and anything else that I speak to them about. the practice is all about education and I learn something every time I visit. Today, it's difficult to build long-lasting relationships with service providers but it's EASY at this practice and I never thought I'd say this, but I actually look forward to my appointments! Without any hesitation, I'd certainly recommend the practice to any person who is looking for a high energy staff, experience, and excellence in delivery."
- F. Alexander - N. Canton, OH  

"I am not someone who ever looked forward to attending a dentist appointment. In fact, I avoided the dentist office altogether for the past couple years. I understand how important dental hygiene is, I brush multiple times a day, I try to avoid food/drink that is bad for my teeth, etc. I take great pride in being cavity free. However, there was always something about dentist visits that filled me with dread. I attributed it to a multitude of reasons: a gag reflex that is both embarrassing and hilarious to my family members. Or, being asked questions with a variety of dental instruments in my mouth and only being able to answer in vowels. Also, the sounds during an appointment and the numbness following. However, after months of my wife pressuring me to make an appointment, I decided to schedule with Dr. Williams after hearing numerous recommendations. From the moment I entered the office, my feeling of dread was alleviated. The staff was all welcoming and helpful. Prior to my cleaning Dr. Williams spent time with me to explain his process and provide me with background on him and his practice. I (embarrassingly) alerted the hygienist of my gag reflex and she was understanding and accommodating. The cleaning and appointment was a success in the truest sense (no cavities!) and I was eager to schedule my next appointment. I can say without hesitation, the George Williams DDS and staff provided the greatest dental experience I've ever had."
- Patrick  

"Dr. Williams has been our family dentist since 2005, I will never go to another. He is amazing with children and adults and the girls behind the desk as well as the dental assistants are simply wonderful! So friendly! Love this place!"
- R.J.